Preview Katie’s Hollywood Takeover:, Craig Ferguson and Zooey Deschanel

First, hip hop star performs! Then, a Katie and Craig Ferguson reunion! Plus, it’s a super fan surprise for one lucky viewer who gets a “New Girl” …
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Zooey Deschanel

Famous Celebrity News

Justin Beiber is apparently having a hard time with glass doors.Beiber tweets that he just walked into a glass door for the third time.It might be time for glasses for Mr. Beiber.Maybe the famous celebrity teen singer is part bird or something.Anyway, good luck Justin and check yourself before you wreck yourself.


President Obama, our famous celebrity president, is bumbling through England today.He raised a toast to the Queen of England just as the English national anthem began playing.The hapless Obama continued speaking through God Save the Queen and raised his glass, noticed no one was following his lead and sat down embarrassed at his faux pas.Obama has a funny habit of making a fool of himself with the English.His first act upon entering political office was to send back the bust of Winston Churchill to England.The next thing he did was to give the prime minister of England 25 DVDs as a gift.Someone apparently needs to let Obama know that American DVDs do not play in England’s players.I’m sure the prime minister of England didn’t have time to watch Toy Story 2 anyway.Obama then showed off his ping pong skills and faked an Irish accent while speaking in Ireland.


One of the famous Celebrities, Superstar Lady Gaga describes the inspiration for her songs in hernewsthis week.Apparently one can draw inspiration from just about anything.She tweets that she was dared to right a hit and in ten minutes cranked out YO? and I.Miss Gaga says that Hair was inspired by fights with her parents over her outrageous hair.


Celebrity super singer Britney Spears tweets today that she just finished working on her video “I Wanna Go”.Spears’ tickets for her SummerFest concert just went on sale!All you Britney Spears fans out in Milwaukee better jump on it fast or your gonna miss the famous Ms.



Ashton Kutcher is taking on Charlie Sheen’s former role on Two and a Half Men.The famous crazy Sheen cannot be too happy about this latest news.Kutcher should be perfect for the show.


Oprah Winfrey did her last show today.She says the show wasn’t about giving away cars and other stuff, just about saying thank you.Well a thank you is always better Oprah if it includes a car.She Oprah tweets for the latest on her farewell.I have a feeling that we will be seeing much more of the famous celebrities talk show host in the near future.Miss Winfrey certainly deserves all the accolades as she has had a truly remarkable career.



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Elisha Cuthbert

cydia tweaks 2014 in Nepali Language part 2

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Ken Watanabe

ColumbusVillage Raid/”American Violet” Hank Murdered in Hearne

ColumbusVillage Raid/

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Moon Bloodgood

Jennifer Aniston Causes Baby Rumors While Megan Fox Is Definitely Having A Baby

Subscribe to NewsJournalism, Everyday new uploads and updates, we watch the Media for you! stay informed. Megan licks everything in sight. This video was upl…

Megan Fox

David Boreanaz News 2009

Hola somos David y Alejandro y estas en el canal oficial de David Boreanaz y Nuestro Mail es Alejandro) y David Boreanaz es Bo…
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David Boreanaz

Kids Choice Awards 2013 – Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart New BFFs!

Selena Gomez backstage interview at KCAs, and girls night with Kristen Stewart, Fergie and Katy Perry at The Kids Choice Awards 2013!…
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Kristen Stewart

Alyson Hannigan on Ellen

Alyson Hannigan on Ellen

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Alyson Hannigan

Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper Make Romance Rumors Again

One month after Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper were rumored to have a romantic, two-hour dinner date at New York’s Per Se restaurant, they were seen out together again in Los Angeles on Saturday, 15th October.

The two celebrities, who had a dinner date that was described as a “business meeting”, were captured sitting in the car of Hangover actor near her home in Calabasas, Los Angeles.

According to a source close to Jennifer Lopez, the actress had a dinner with Bradley in New York and the pair stayed in touch after this date. “She does like his attention, and it makes her feel good that he seems so into her”. “She has fun with Bradley and he makes her laugh,” the source said. However, representatives for both two stars haven’t commented on the alleged relationship.

Bradley Cooper sat in his car with a woman said to be Jennifer Lopez. She tried to hide her face as they drove around Los Angeles

Bradley Cooper is known as one of the busiest ladies man in Hollywood. He split from Renée Zellweger in March of this year and has recently hooked up with actress Olivia Wilde. While the American Idol judge Lopez is in the process to divorce her seven-year husband Marc Anthony.

Although the woman’s face was not clearly pictured, photographers still identified the woman as Jennifer Lopez


The photos of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez driving together in Los Angeles once again fuel rumors of a potential romance between them. Bradley couldn’t cover his face all the time because he had to pay attention to the road while in control of the jeep. While, the woman sitting beside him looked casual with a light brown sweater and ponytail hair.

Bradley, 36, picked up a trophy at the Scream Awards on October 16, 2011


Cooper dated actress Renee Zellweger for two years. He also had romantic relationships with Jennifer Eposito, tennis player Mark Philippoussis’ ex wife and Charlie Sheens’ ex-wife Denise Richards. Most recently, Cooper was rumored to shared a meal with Jennifer Lopez at Per Se restaurant in the Big Apple

Jennifer, 42, has recently been photographed going out with a friend in NYC



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Bieber’s Mom Responds to Rumors About Her Son

From the friends he hangs out with to decision making to Instagram photos, Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette responds to rumor’s surrounding her famous son…


Justin Bieber

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